Student Success for a Global Workforce

We must ensure that our students are prepared to be active participants in a global workforce. For our children to succeed in a constantly evolving and increasingly diverse environment, it is important for them to become critical thinkers who can adapt and be resilient. They need to develop a broad worldview that values the unique contributions and perspectives of every student. I will work alongside teachers, building staff, and district leadership to ensure a teaching environment that promotes technological innovation, critical thinking, and collaborative learning.

I will also work to advance the vision and approach set out by ISD 194 to grow and support a learning system that works for all; one where each and every child knows that they belong, that they are valued in our school community, and are prepared for future success.

Mental Health Support

Research demonstrates direct relationships between social-emotional learning and academic achievement. Data from our district indicate large achievement gaps that suggest that focusing on social and emotional development will benefit all of our students. The COVID-19 pandemic has posed further challenges for our community that we never anticipated, including social isolation and new struggles with managing mental health – all which impact learning and development. 

I will work to ensure that students have access to timely and appropriate mental health resources and that teachers are well-trained to facilitate social/emotional development within their classrooms and curriculum.  As a mental health provider for the VA, I have the background and expertise to partner with the district on these efforts.

Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability

Whether you are a parent in the 194 district, retired, single or about to start a family, we are all taxpaying stakeholders and invested in our learning community. It’s important that a Board member serves as a good steward of taxpayer dollars to ensure funds are spent responsibly and appropriately. I will also facilitate and work to advance creative and innovative ways to support our district through sustainable practices.

My roles on multiple Boards, including Treasurer for the American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology Foundation, have equipped me with the knowledge and experience to make effective and efficient financial decisions. Budgeting decisions should be routinely evaluated to ensure that our students and families are getting what they need and that taxpayers can see the fruits of their investments, and I will push for greater transparency around this process. 

Building a Unified 194 Community

We need strong leaders on our Board of Education to sit down with parents, students, staff, and community members and facilitate conversations that focus on shared values and goals. Now more than ever in our society, we need to model for our children ways to engage in respectful dialogue and navigate issues that arise as a result of varying perspectives.  I believe Board members should be personally accessible and work in collaboration with their broader community. Regular community conversations would help to ensure all voices are represented in decision-making. I have the experience to facilitate these conversations that aim to find common ground and move forward together as a learning community.

An example of my active and ongoing commitment to Community Collaboration through partnership with ISD 194 administration and staff.